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I started copywriting towards the middle/end of 2014 because I didn’t think that I could blog for a living. Blogging was what I really wanted to do, but I’d gotten these emails from Ryan Deiss saying that blogging was dead somewhere around 2011…

…and I believed him.

So I by the time 2014 rolled around, I’d totally given up on that.

6 Fulltime Bloggers

Meanwhile, in a part of the Internet that didn’t take a whole lot of stock in what Ryan said, there was a new crowd of bloggers coming up, and they were earning a living from their blogs in various ways.

6 of them have become people whose careers I follow and admire, and I would like to introduce you to them, today. If you think that it’s too hard to make a career out of working for yourself as a blogger, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

With hard work, dedication, consistency, and the right education, you can definitely make blogging your full-time gig.

Let me introduce you to 6 people who show you just how true this is.

Let Me Introduce You To 6 Incredible People Who Are Blogging Full-Time

#1: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

Let me just get this out of the way and tell you that I love Michelle.  Like…I’m a total fan girl.

I love her blog, her story, the way she interacts with her audience, and the fact that she has taken her blog and turned it into a vehicle that allows her to live the life of her dreams.

The last time I checked (which was yesterday), she is living a traveling lifestyle. She and her husband own an RV, and they travel full-time. She works late afternoons, evenings, and nights. In the daytime, she explores whatever part of the country they happen to be in, or she spends time with family/loved ones.

Michelle’s blog is in the personal finance niche. She helps people make and save money and get more life out of their lives.

She’s also a product creator and an affiliate marketer, and she has shown lots of people how to get good at affiliate marketing.

What’s more is that she consistently earns six figures per month from her blog. Just a couple of years ago, the kind of income she makes now was a dream…but she’s shown that anyone can do it.

I hope you’re as inspired by her as I am.

#2: Ruth Soukup of Living Well, Spending Less and Elite Blog Academy

I have been following Ruth for about a little over a year, now, and I can’t even pretend to tell you how much income she earns from her blogs. What I DO know is that she has the most fantabulous blogging course on the planet, right now: Elite Blog Academy.

I am an Elite Blog Academy Blogger, myself, and though I am just starting out with the course, I have been blogging for YEARS. It’s annoying how long I have been blogging, to be honest. lol

Ruth’s primary website is Living Well, Spending Less. It was started as a way to document her efforts at spending less money and managing money better.

After that site became successful, she started Elite Blog Academy as a way to show people how to use effective strategies to create successful, profitable blogs for themselves.

Ruth is so encouraging as a mentor, and her course is extensive for those wanting to learn how to turn their blogs into businesses. Though the course is only open once per year, I think its the best one out there for people who really do want to write/blog for a living.

Unfortunately, the course just closed, so you’ll have to wait until 2018 to get in it again.

The blogging course aside, Living Well, Spending Less has lots of great advice for people who want to eat healthy meals, manage their money better, and create a beautiful home. I think you’d do well to follow both blogs.

Ruth is exceptional at affiliate marketing and product creation.

#3 Nikki Walton of Curly Nikki

I’ve been following Nikki Walton for over 8 years – since before she had a blog.  We were members of the same haircare forum, years ago, and Nikki branched off and created her own brand.

Curly Nikki is a website that is devoted to natural hair care for women of color. In recent years, she has expanded her content to also cover entertainment, culture, health, wellness, fashion, and entertainment.

For the most part, I go to her site to read on how to take care of my hair and to read stories about other women of color with curly hair.

My assumption is that Nikki is great at affiliate marketing, content marketing, and sponsorships. I make this assumption because I see affiliate links on her blog.

Additionally, she has worked with the Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show, and Dr. Oz’s show, among others.

She’s had features on CNN, The NY Times, The Huffington Post, and MSNBC and many more.

Nikki Walton would be a great example of what it looks like to go from enthusiast to blogger to international brand. I’m not aware of any products she has created, but if she created one for hair, I’d most certainly buy it!

If you’re looking for great curly hair tips and don’t mind following a celebrity, I happily recommend Nikki Walton!

#4: Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation

I’ve followed Nick for a few years, and what I love about his blog is that he shows people how to create part-time, job-independent income that they can eventually turn into full-time income. He interviews all kinds of people in all sorts of niches.

He’s even interviewed some of my favorite bloggers like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and lots of others.

What makes Nick’s site so great is that he introduces people to the usual suspects like Amazon FBA and blogging, and he also introduces readers to topics they would never consider like peer-to-peer lending.

I’ve read most of his articles and listened to the vast majority of his interviews…and I have to say…they are golden.

He doesn’t share income reports, but he does share major milestones with his readers.

I think you would get a heck of a lot of value following his blog and paying attention to what he writes. In my opinion, he’s definitely becoming one of the blogging elite.

#5: Abby Lawson of Just A Girl And Her Blog

I found Abby right around the time I found Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and Ruth Soukup, and what I love about her blog is, well, a lot.

First of all…her domain name: Just A Girl And Her Blog??? GENIUS! It’s so simple yet so memorable and on-point. Thought I like my own domain name, I also wish I could have thought of something a little more memorable.

From what I read, she wishes she had a different domain name – one that could grow as she and her husband build the business together. But I love it. I bet her readers do, too…especially considering the fact that her husband isn’t the “face” of the blog. Abby is.

But what do I know? I just love the site.  🙂

Abby’s a wife and mom who started a blog on a whim in 2013. Her website is all about home organization, home decorating, and blogging. She used to create income reports, but I think she stopped in December of 2016.

Her last income report was $41,700 before expenses.

Hopefully, you’re starting to see a pattern, and that pattern is that blogging for a living is something you can TOTALLY do if you set your mind to it and if you get the right training.

With that written, let me introduce you to the final blogger…someone whose career I also pray I can emulate in time.

#6 Melyssa Griffin of MelyssaGriffin Dot Com (Formerly the Nectar Collective)

Ok. Melyssa Griffin is on a planet all by herself, and let me explain why.

Her entire business model is about showing creative, ambitious, and passionate entrepreneurs how to monetize their ideas and bring even more value to the world.

As recently as 2013, she was working in Tokyo as an expat. She started a blog as a creative outlet, and that turned into a business where she did graphic design for clients.

Eventually, she started showing other business owners how to create and launch their own profitable businesses…and she hasn’t looked back since. In only 3 years, she was earning a million dollars annually and has an email list of over 100,000 engaged and interested people (a marketers DREAM!)

What I love about Melyssa is that she has stayed right in the pocket of what she seems to do best – nurture and mentor entrepreneurs.

I love that.

Even more, I love that she shares what she earns – and it’s not because I’m nosey, even though I sort of am.


I love that she shares her income because it shows us just what’s possible for us if we can figure out how to engage our audience and provide them with the value they want and need.

I Hope That This Shows You What’s Possible If You Start Blogging

If you look online, now, it seems like everyone and their mother is starting a blog, becoming an online marketer, or trying to coach someone into a better life.

If you sit on the pessimistic side of the table, you’re likely to think that there are a whole lot of people trying to all do the same thing. You might not think you stand a chance.

On the other hand, if you’re optimistic, you’re going to see lots of opportunity.

Good for you if you’re optimistic. And if you are a pessimist, I’d like to encourage you to consider a different way of thinking because this is the best time in the world to start a business on the internet.

These Blogger Can’t Reach Everyone On The Planet

See, as amazing as all these bloggers are that I’ve shared with you, today, they can’t serve everyone in the marketplace. Some of the marketplace is interested in DIY. Other people are interested in money management and personal finance.

Still others want to know more about health, wellness, and fitness. And others just want to know how to build a business; they want to learn how to cater to business builders and marketers.

My point is that it’s a huge world.

There’s ALWAYS room enough for you if you put in the work and learn how to get good at what you’re doing. My prayer is that this article has encouraged you to go for it if that’s your desire.

Blogging for a living is still possible.

Hopefully, you are convinced of that beyond a shadow of doubt, now.

Do you want to start a blog, or are you a new blogger? Tell me about it!