A little bit about me…

About Me

Hey there, and welcome to my blog.

I created this blog to journal my life as an almost empty nester who was trying to improve her income, lose weight, and do my in my most beloved relationships after a very a very painful divorce.

On the heels of that seriously tough time, I was able to create a career where I write for a living. As of the fall of 2014, I am a full-time, self-employed health and fitness copywriter for a well-known marketer and product creator.

I love my primary client and the work he provides for me. It’s interesting, challenging, and just…perfect. I get to work with a group of really gifted, hardworking people who are all dedicated to the client’s company.

My name is Christi Johnson, and I write for a living.

I am also the mother of a beautiful girl who is in college, following what God has placed in her heart since birth, and I am honored and blessed to be her mom.

Though we’ve had normal mother/daughter challenges, I can sincerely say that she’s never given me a day of trouble.

I don’t know what I did to deserve her.

It’s also a blessing that I love what I do for a living – writing.

Writing as a career has been my dream since I was in college back in 1991, and it’s such a blessing that, though it took almost 20 years, I am DAILY living what I always wanted to do.

The reason I started this blog is twofold:

  1. I wanted to journal my life back to self-sufficiency after divorce.
  2. Also, I wanted to learn how best to generate traffic and income online. I’ve been trying to do both since 2007, and most of my efforts have been in support of these, two goals.

As A Health Copywriter, My Entire Job Is To Create Conversions With My Words

About MeWhat I mean by the “conversions” is that my goal is for people to take some kind of action. Either they’ll opt in to an email list, click a link, or purchase something. The thing is…no conversions can happen unless I provide copy with good, actionable information.

So far, my copy converts well for my client. I work really hard at it.

When I first started writing here on my blog, I was afraid that blogging and copywriting might conflict with one another, but I have found that those fears to be baseless.

  • My list is growing slowly but surely. I hope to speed up list growth over time.
  • I’m still able to get work done for my client without massive amounts of stress.
  • People have communicated to me that my written content is useful to them.
  • And I think people feel more encouraged to follow a path of providing value to others in such a way that it’s simpler to create an income online.

Through This Website, You’ll Get To Watch Me Decrease Debt, Get Healthier, Make More Money, And Strengthen My Relationships

You’ll also learn to do the same for yourself!

In my opinion, a truly balanced life is one where your money’s doing what you need it to do, you’re in great health, and your loved ones love you back with low to no (pointless) strain.

For the average person, there are no seasons in life where you go unchallenged in your income in one way or another.

Also (for the average person), there are also no seasons where we are perfect in our health and fitness.

Most of all, for the average person, our family and loved ones matter a heck of a whole lot. We are beyond alone without someone to love or some who loves us.

I think we all want to improve in these areas, right?

I know I do!

The biggest stressors for me are my health and my income.

  • I am concerned about health because I had a surprise, emergency hysterectomy back in 2011, and haven’t been a size 6 since then. If you’ve struggled with your weight, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to learn what you’ve found works or doesn’t work when it comes to post-hysterectomy well-being.
  • As far as my income goes, I surprised myself by creating a full-time income in less than two years after becoming a copywriter. I’m super grateful. Not only that, I work for one of the most respected product creators in the niche. Again, I am GRATEFUL!

I Hope This Site Provides You With Information You Can Use!

About 3

My goal through this site is to live the most balanced life I possibly can and to encourage others to do the same.

These three topics – health, wealth, and relationships – are topics I could talk about endlessly, and I pray you are able to experience the passion I feel about them.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I pray you get value out of what you find here!